Sitting on the Tarmac



We have all suffered waiting endlessly at the airport for our flights. Sometimes for short distances like Delhi to Jaipur taking a flight seem to be longer that the real road journey. You leave early to reach the airport two hours before for check-in then the invariable delays due to air traffic congestion.

But I never thought one day I would  be sitting on the tarmac waiting patiently for my flight to take-off. Traveling with clients who were first time visitors to India, they were unfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation with me. Our Air-India flight from Khajuraho to Varanasi refused to budge even after several attempt to resuscitate it. Was it Karma ? Whatever the case our friends were very understanding and took everything in their strides.

Incredible India !!

(On a serious note since I’m talking about flying to India, if you are coming to India in December-January avoid landing in Delhi late night or early in the morning. During those two months Delhi has dense fog which hampers visibility. Afternoon flights are safe and its logical to fly out from Mumbai after you complete your tour)