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Every time once everything is done- Hotel Booking,Tickets and Visa, the final hurdle is purchasing Forex. Most of the times its not a smooth process as we would like and many a times means visiting shady localities and dealing with agents who look like they could just  pack-up shop and disappear the very next day.

So this time I didn’t want the same hassle and wanted an alternative once and for all. We found a online option ( not that online inspires a lot of confidence ) – BookMyForex.

They had been covered by a online magazine ‘Your Story’ and we couldn’t find anything negative about them online. So the venture looked genuine atleast on paper. Finally after a lot of debate I call them. From the first call itself they came across as people meant business. Their dealing smooth and instructions given clear and to the point. The rates offered were competitive as well.

I would definitely recommend using their services.

As a side note – They are celebrating September 22nd as #ZeroMarginDay . Don’t miss it if you are planning to travel soon and need forex.

Link :

Coupon Code : FreeXchange23 ( between 10 am and 2 pm on September 22nd.)


Leafy Tip

Cool Tips, Random


For people who do their vegetable shopping once a week, I found this a really neat trick which my grandmother uses to keep her greens fresh. Before keeping the likes of mint, coriander, spinach etc in her fridge, she wraps them in some newspaper. This absorbs all the moisture which forms and even thought the leaves might get dry after a while they do not rot.

Finding North !!

Cool Tips

Do you know of whom I’m jealous of the most – The London Cabbie. I read it somewhere that they use nearly 6 percent of their brains as opposed to four percent used by the rest of us. I assume that means they never get lost. I on the other hand I’m challenged with my sense of direction. Even after living in a city for more than five years I still have to ask people for directions.  So I get immense joy when I see articles with headings like ‘Never get lost’ or ‘Find your way in a new city’

I don’t know how useful it will be for me to find North in a new city, but the below tip from “Lifehacker” is at least as easy to do as it says:

1. Take into account the cursed daylight saving by subtracting 1 hour in summer time (moving the hour hand counter-clockwise 1 hour).
2. Face your analog watch, align it so that the hour hand points in the direction of the sun (you might have to twist your wrist a bit, or take it off).
3. Now imagine a line starting from the center of the dial halving the angle between the hour dial and 12 o’clock. This line will point south.

Hope we bump into each other when we are lost..